Review Products. Get Free Stuff

How To Get Free Products

As consumers, we don’t always get the chance to share product feedback directly with manufacturers or the companies selling the products. If you want to learn how to get free products and share your honest feedback with the companies selling those products, read on.

To get started as a product reviewer, you can either register directly with individual companies or you can register with an agency who is responsible for managing product samples and reviews for multiple companies.

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Review Products. Get Free Stuff.

Companies To Register With

There are a ton of companies willing to give out their products in exchange for your feedback. Below is a list of a few popular ones that are easy to work with but I am sure there are plenty more that I have not discovered yet. If you are looking for free products from a specific company, go directly to their website and search for “free samples” or “consumer testing”. This may be listed differently with each site so try several different search terms within their website.

  • The Pink Panel – The Pink Panel allows you to test new beauty products. 
  • Influenster – Influenster sends out monthly Vox Boxes full of products from brands you love in exchange for your reviews. 
  • Bzz Agent – Bzz Agent sends out products from multiple brands in exchange for your feedback. When you signup it will ask you to answer a few questions to determine which products will fit you. 
  • Brooks – Brooks is a really good option for high end running shoes and athletic clothing. Just know that sometimes you will be asked to return the item after your testing period. Brooks will provide you with the return shipping label. 
  • Glamour Glam Spotters – Glam Spotters is pretty cool because you get to try out new products before they ever hit the shelves. 
  • Smiley360 – Smiley360 allows you to try out products from multiple companies. It is easy to signup but it works a little different than the others. You earn points and then exchange your points for products or smiley bags. 
  • Mom Select – With Mom Select you can review new products, host in-home parties, share free samples attend brand events and more. 
  • Instyle Trend Setter – With In Style Trend Setter not only can you get free products to review but with each product review and survey you complete, you will be entered into sweepstakes for great prizes. 
  • Toluna – Toluna offers a wide variety of freebies. At this time their website shows they are not taking any new testers. If you are interested in becoming a tester for Toluna, you will want to check back frequently. 
  • Pinch Me – Pinch Me has a huge variety of products to try for free in exchange for your feedback. They have everything from personal care, home and family, food and drink and pets. 
  • She Speaks – She Speaks offers products for review in a wide range of categories. You can definitely find something for everyone to review here. 
  • Loreal – Loreal is currently looking for reviewers to test and review products in the following categories: hair care, hair styling, hair color, cosmetics, skincare and suncare. 
  • Snuggle – Free Snuggle products 
  • Johnson and Johnson – Johnson and Johnson’s Consumer Perception Program. Try out Johnson and Johnson products for the whole family. 
  • Home School – School Supplies for parents who homeschool their children.
  • Crowdtap – Crowdtap offers thousands of questions that you can answer every day. By answering their questions you can earn rewards, gift cards and free product samples. 

Product Reviews On Amazon

A great way to get free products in exchange for your review is through Amazon review sites. Amazon used to allow sellers to give away products in exchange for a customer review but their policy on this changed a few years ago. Amazon now requires you to purchase an item from a seller in order to leave an honest review.


Sellers will now provide a “coupon code” for you to use at checkout. Most of these sites will require you to place a disclaimer in your review stating that you purchased the product at a discounted price. You can still get totally free products using a 100% off discount code. If you are an Amazon Prime member and the item is shipped and fulfilled by Amazon, you will not have to worry about shipping either.


Aside from all the FREE products you can receive in exchange for your review, there are thousands of products you can receive at extremely discounted prices. Many of these companies offer coupon codes good for 90%-95% off discounts. When I am searching for additional product offers, I typically find plenty to choose from for less than $5.

Amazon Review Sites

  • TestZon – TestZon has hundreds of products to choose from. You basicalls shop from their choices of products, select the ones you’re interested in and then purchase them with the coupon code. 
  • JumpSend – Jump Send does not offer free products to review HOWEVER they are still worth checking out. They have a ton of dirt cheap products. Some as low as .01 cent. They have a filter that makes it easy to narrow down the price range of products you are willing to consider for review. 
  • ViponVipon is really easy to use and it is one of the oldest Amazon review sites, formerly called AMZ Review Trader. You can signup quickly using Facebook or Google. Once you receive your trial products, you have two weeks to complete a review. Once you provide the review, you can apply for more products to test. 
  • SnagshoutSnagshout is a really popular review site. You can signup quickly using a Facebook account or you can create an account using any email address. 
  • Giveaway Nation – Giveaway Nation works a little different than some of the other Amazon review sites. With Giveaway Nation you must purchase your product and then you get a full refund 31 days after your purchase. 
  • Secret Deals ClubDeals are delivered to your inbox every morning at 10:00 am PST. These can be free or extremely discounted products you can purchase on Amazon in exchange for your review.
  • iReview HomeiReview Home also offers free and extremely discounted offers through Amazon. 
  • Trust Review Network – Trust Review Network offers products to review on Amazon for 50% – 100% off in exchange for your review.
  • Best One Review – At first glance this site looks like it is just another discount product site but filter products by discount and you will find a lot of free products to choose from. They say they will never require you to write an Amazon review therefore you aren’t required to put a disclaimer on your review that you received the product in exchange for a review. Many of the free products do state that they need a review though. 
  • Review Directory – Review Directory is a really great option. They have tons of free products you can test and review. They also offer free programs for bloggers. Check out their website for more information. 

Review Products. Get Free Stuff

This is a pretty sweet deal for the minimal time investment required. The initial registration process will take some time to get set up but after that, it really only takes a few minutes and you can score some good freebies. I have been doing this for a while and I have never found myself thinking that it is a waste of time.

Remember, although this is a fairly long list that should get you started finding some great freebies, there are a lot of other companies out their wanting your feedback. If none of these appeal to you, do some research and chances are you will find something out there that is right for you.  

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