myEcon: Scam or Money Making Opportunity?

If you have been looking for online work from home jobs, you will want to read on. It can be hard to find legitimate work from home jobs. I have tried many different programs out there and I am super excited to tell you about the one that actually worked.

In this post I want to give you all the ins and outs of MyEcon and show you how you can make a substantial income working from home. There are a ton of reasons why MyEcon is my favorite pick for making money online. Here are just a few:

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  • You can get started with MyEcon with very little investment. To sign up as an associate of MyEcon it will cost you $100. Each month you continue as an associate, you will be billed $34.95.
  • MyEcon’s compensation plan is by far the best I have found. Not only are the upfront commissions amazing, but the opportunity to earn a substantial residual income is phenomenal.
  • There is an unlimited earning potential. It really just depends on what you put into it. I have people on my team who put very little effort into their business and they only bring home $100 a week. I also have several people on my team who work hard and consistently bring home $3K -$4K a week.
  • MyEcon pays weekly. You can start bringing home an extra paycheck every single Friday!
  • Unlike many other Network Marketing companies, MyEcon offers products and services that the majority of Americans need and are searching for.
  • As an associate with MyEcon, you get access to their full line of products to use for yourself.
  • MyEcon takes care of all of the payment processing, cancellations, customer service for you.

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Who is MyEcon

Before we dive too deep into this opportunity, let me give you a little background info on the company. MyEcon, Inc. is a privately held, debt free company based out of Georgia. The company was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs in 2005. They are going into their 14th year in business and they maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The company operates in the multi-billion dollar Direct Sales industry. The founders’ vision is to empower people to attain Personal Financial Success. The company name, myEcon, is short for “my Economy”; because the founders envision each individual taking care of their Personal Economy just as governments and corporations take care of theirs. 

MyEcon empowers its Associates to attain financial success by earning business income and utilizing financial strategies in their Income Shifting membership. The company currently has over 50,000 independent marketing associates who have earned over 450 million dollars and is one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Why pay a company to sell its products for them?

This is the most common question I get asked. Everyone who is interested in getting started with myEcon, asks why they have to pay a company sell their products. Hopefully I can put this into perspective for everyone.

First, myEcon wants its associates to be a product of the product. That means they want you to use the products and services that you are going to be promoting. It is much easier to promote the products that you know and understand. 

When you use the products and you see results, you will be much more confident promoting it to others. Not only that, but myEcon wants it’s associates to become financially free. 

Once you get your credit where you want it to be (if you can use the credit repair) and you start bringing in extra income from your new business, the products teach you how to invest your additional income so that you can have multiple income streams coming in.

Aside from the products and services you get as an associate, the monthly membership fee covers the licensing fee that allows you to sell their products. It also covers the ongoing cost for your personal website and services in the membership. MyEcon also takes care of all the payment processing and provides all of the customer service to the customers that you bring on.

MyEcon’s Most Popular Product

The company’s most sought after service is their Smart Credit System, also called the 750+ credit plan. This program is designed to help individuals repair their credit so that they can get into the 750+ credit score range and have more financial freedom. As an associate, you will get the Smart Credit System as part of your monthly membership.

I have used the Smart Credit System myself and it works! Many of my business partners on my team have also used the system and they have also had amazing results. The Smart Credit System comes with:

  • 26 Step by Step How To Repair Your Credit Videos.
  • 4 Rounds of Dispute Letter Templates.
  • How to re-establishing new credit via little known sources.
  • Income Shifting Strategies for producing increased cash flow.
  • Minimize Expenses Tool.
  • Debt Elimination Tool.
  • Investment Calculator.

Marketing the Smart Credit System

One of the great things about this product, is how it can be marketed. As an associate of myEcon, you can promote the Smart Credit System by itself or as a work at home business opportunity.

The Smart Credit System can be purchased for a one-time payment of $99.95. Most credit repair agencies charge that amount just to sign up, and then they continue to charge anywhere from $69.99 a month to $199.99 a month. It can get very costly when you take into consideration how long the credit repair process can go on. MyEcons Smart Credit System is much more affordable, and the system works.

For individuals who wanting to get started repairing their credit, but can’t afford $100 up front, offer them the associate plan. The associate plan will allow them to get started for only $49.95 the first month and $34.95 each month after that. Although this enrolls them as an associate, they don’t have to promote the company and try to bring in other associates. They can simply use the systems and products that are available to them as an associate and they can cancel at any time.

Many current associates of myEcon actually started this way. After they had massive success with repairing their credit, they start telling all of their friends and family about it. When people start asking how they can get the system for themselves, they refer them and earn a commission. When they realize the income potential, they never look back.

Additional Products & Services

In addition to the Smart Credit System, myEcon has an amazing Cashflow Manager App, ID Defender, Credit Monitoring, Cashback Mall, Roadside Assistance, Travel Discounts, Health & Nutritional Products and Coffee. With the wide variety of products and services, you have a ton of marketing options.

MyEcons Compensation Plan

MyEcon has one of the best compensation plans I have ever seen. Without going too deep into it, because there are so many ways to level up and earn more, I will give you a brief overview.

If you sell the Smart Credit System for $99.95, you will earn a $70 commission. That is huge. I don’t know what other companies pay a 70% commission to its associates. For the first 2 people you enroll as new associates, you will get $10 for each of those. After the first 2, you will receive $50 for each person who enrolls at the $49.95 enrollment price. 

MyEcon literally pays you a 100% commission on the enrollment. You will also receive $40 for the first two people that your new associates bring in. On top of that, you will earn monthly residual income on your team. These commissions vary depending on the size of your team.

Support & Training

Anyone interested in network marketing can do this. I was a total newbie when I got into MyEcon. My whole life I had worked in retail and customer service, spending my last 9 years working for the State Government. I was far from a network marketing guru and I knew absolutely nothing about getting started.

MyEcon offers a ton of training and support. When you join my team, I will help guide you through the setup process and will help in any way I can. You will also be given access to our private Facebook groups. At this time there is over 12,000 members on our primary Facebook group. 

The group is very active and more than willing to help. If you do not find the answers yourself you can ask on the group page and you will typically get several responses almost instantly. In addition, the team leaders host weekly mastermind events to share best practices and provide as much help as possible to everyone on our team.

Get Started Today

If you have ever thought about making a full-time income working online, from home (or anywhere you have internet access), this is an opportunity you definitely want to check out. I believe in this program so much that my daughter and my husband have both joined my team. 

If you are interested in joining, check out this video for more information. Following the video you will have a chance to sign up. If you do not see my name listed as your personal sponsor, do not worry you will still be added to my team but I am helping my teammates build their own team, just as I will do for each of you.

As always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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myEcon: Scam or Money Making Opportunity?

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