CTFO: Scam or Legit Work-From-Home Opportunity

I am always looking for good opportunities to make money online but more importantly, I’m looking for opportunities that offer you the ability to collect passive income. While doing some research I came across CTFO (Changing The Future Outlook). I knew I needed to dig deeper and find out if CTFO is a scam or a money making opportunity. 

Read on to learn everything I discovered about this opportunity. I even went through the entire onboarding process to share as much detail as I can about this program with you. Hopefully by the time you have finished reading this you will have enough info to decide for yourself whether or not you think CTFO is a scam, or an opportunity to make money online.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through one of my links. This is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclosure for more information.

What is CTFO

Changing The Future Outlook, or CTFO, was founded in 2017 by Stuart Finger along with Co-Founders,Steve Finger (Stuart Finger’s brother) and MIchael Kahn. CTFO was originally started as a nutritional/weight loss line called “Chew The Fat Off” (CTFO). 

Seriously. Chew The Fat Off. I have no idea who came up with that but it’s super weird and kinda creepy. Regardless, the company claims they were successful but despite their claim of success, Stuart saw greater potential with the emerging CBD (Cannabidiol) industry.

According to a study by the Brightfield Group, the Hemp-Derived CBD Market is estimated to reach 22 Billion by 2022. Read the full article here. It is safe to say that there is definitely a market for CBD products.

CTFO: Scam or Legit

How Do You Make Money With CTFO

CTFO sells a wide variety of CBD products. Through it’s business opportunity, you can earn commissions based on your sales of CTFO products. They even sell CBD products for your pets. 

CTFO is a Network Marketing/MLM business Opportunity. In case you are not familiar with network marketing and MLM, I will try to break it down for you with a brief overview. Let’s use Avon and Tupperware as an example. These are both well known companies who operate under the Network Marketing/MLM business model.

What Is Network Marketing

These businesses both have a physical product they sell (this business model also works with digital products). Rather than paying a ton of money to market their products through television ads or other traditional marketing techniques, these businesses use individuals like you and I to promote and sell their products. People can “network” with others to get the word out about their products using whatever means they want. Typically, people will do this through social media. 

This saves these businesses a ton of money. In exchange, the businesses are able to pay their representatives (you and I) for promoting their products for them. CTFO works the same way.

What Is MLM

Like many other network marketing opportunities, including those mentioned above, CTFO also operates as an MLM business (multi level marketing). Again, think about the examples I mentioned above. 

Your Avon or Tupperware representative will be thrilled that you are buying products from them and they are earning nice commissions but typically, they will eventually go further and ask you if you have ever considered selling Avon/Tupperware yourself. 

They will explain to you the benefits of becoming a Representative. They’ll tell you how you can get discounts on your own purchases and the money you can make by earning commissions. When you agree to become a representative, your Avon representative begins earning additional compensation based on your sales.  

And that, in super brief simple terms, is Network Marketing and MLM

CTFO works the same way. The company has a ton of CBD products they sell. Rather than spending a fortune paying for traditional marketing, CTFO pays its associates a commission on all the products they sell. 

To increase the amount of products sold, CTFO also operates under the MLM business model. This gets them more associates selling their products. In exchange it puts more money in its associates pockets since the associates earn additional income based on the sales of the team members they have recruited.

CTFO Products Sold

CTFO offers a wide variety of CBD products. They are broken down into 6 categories.

  • Oils & Vapes
  • Edibles & Sprays
  • Hair Growth
  • Pain Creams
  • Pet Products
  • Skin Care

The potential benefits of CBD oil are extensive. Healthline posted an evidence based article titled “7 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil (Plus Side Effects)” These evidence based health benefits range from Basic pain relief and reducing acne all the way up to alleviating cancer-related symptoms.

Because there are so many different benefits of CBDl and so many different “ailments” you can treat with CBD, there are many different audiences you can target. That’s a huge plus when it comes to finding a product to promote. Your target audience is huge.

CTFO Product Line

Getting Started With CTFO

As I mentioned above, I went through the signup process to become an associate of CTFO to get more information on getting started and to see whether or not I felt like I could make money online, working from home, with CTFO. 

Getting started with CTFO was super easy and to my surprise it really was totally free. No one tried to upsell me anything. Here is a quick run down of the basics.

  • *Zero Startup Cost*
  • 20% Commission on direct sales
  • Free personalized website 
  • Free promotional materials provided – This includes pre-written text messages, videos, Facebook posts, ads, photos, testimonials, and more. 
  • Free training materials 
  • Access to the private CTFO Facebook groups
  • Weekly Coaching and On-boarding Calls

Signing up as an associate went pretty smoothly. From their homepage you can click on the tab “How It Works” or “Work From Home” and you will find a green tab to click on to get started. Once you click to get started it will require you to select a date and time to schedule a 15 minute call with a mentor who’s team you will be placed on. 

The first time I did this, I had a call scheduled and the person I was scheduled with never called me. I tried again the following morning and I was told an associate by the name of Kathy would be calling me at 10:15. Sure enough, she called me at 10:15 on the dot. Kathy was super helpful and willing to answer any and all my questions about getting started with CTFO. 

The way they did this signup process was pretty cool for several reasons. First, with many network marketing companies, you will never hear from your sponsor. It was nice to “meet” the person I would be looking to for advice and help when needed. 

Second, it was cool to find out that the company rotates it’s existing associates through this rotation for new signups. This means as an associate, this can help you build up your own team. Obviously you would never want to count on having new associates handed to you, but it is nice to know that the company rotates through associates for new signups. 

If I had known someone who was already involved in this company I would have signed up through them directly but because I had no prior knowledge of this company, I signed up through their homepage and was placed under whatever sponsor I landed under. 

*An Important Note*

*After signing up, I was browsing around in the back office and found that half of the marketing materials available to use to promote products were only available to those who upgrade their account to a paid membership.

The paid membership is only $19.95 and includes a lot of additional features but it is a little deceptive that it is not mentioned anywhere in the information about becoming an associate*

CTFO Compensation Plan

CTFO’s compensation plan is a little complicated. I’m sure it gets easy to understand once you’ve been involved in the company for a while, but as someone trying to decide whether it may be a good opportunity, I was pretty confused and I’ve worked with several network marketing companies. 

First, you can always earn a straight 20% commission without having to upgrade your plan, without trying to recruit any other associates, or even making any purchases yourself. Although it is not required, it is typically easier to sell products that you have used and are familiar with. 

CTFO also offers the option to market to retail outlets, which can offer big commissions. If you can develop a good relationship with local convenience stores or other markets in your area that carry CBD products, you can offer CTFO products at wholesale prices. This can be a great way for recurring large orders

I will include the CTFO compensation plan presentation video below for anyone who would like to check it out for the full details. 

I did get this basic understanding, and takeaway: In order to earn more than the 20% commission on sales, you need to rank as a “1st Level Manager” at minimum. 

In order to do this, you must be a “Qualified Associate who has enrolled at least one other “Qualified Associate.” A Qualified Associate is any Associate who has purchased a product or package with a sales price of at least $47.47 within the last 31 days. 

This qualification can also be met by having 10 personally enrolled Qualified Customers or Associates, with no purchase required by the Associate. A Qualifying Person is either a Customer or an Associate who has purchased a product or package with a sales price of at least $47.47 within the last 31 days.

*If you are interested in using CBD products yourself, it may be worth your time to sign up as an associate on the free plan. As an associate you do get to order their products at wholesale prices*

Verdict: Is CTFO a Scam or Legit

CTFO gets a Legit from me. I did a lot of research, I went through the onboarding process and I believe there is an opportunity to make some money even with the free option. The only registered complaints I came across with the Better Business Bureau regarding CTFO were directly related to individual associates.  

CTFO is very similar to most other Network Marketing/MLM companies. One thing that sets this company apart from others is the option to enroll as an associate with no up-front costs. Although your income potential and marketing materials are limited, you still have a legitimate opportunity to make money without spending any.

The company sells legitimate products at reasonable prices and these are products that there is a good market for right now. I don’t foresee this market going away anytime soon and as mentioned above, it is expected to reach 22 billion dollars over the next couple of years. 

If you are interested in learning more ways to work from home, you may want to check out my post: Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Final Thought

CTFO offers a wide range of CBD products that could attract a wide variety of people. This makes it easier to market then some of the other network marketing companies, which is a huge plus. Looking back at my Avon example above, you are pretty limited to your target audience. 

With the CTFO range of products you can market skin care products to the women you know, the pain cream to people who suffer from joint pain, the sleep spray to those who have a hard time falling and staying asleep or you could target pet lovers who may have pets that struggle with anxiety when their owners leave. 

Whatever you can think of. The point is, you aren’t as limited as you are with many other network marketing companies which is great. 

With that being said, if you are looking for a way to earn passive income, it will all depend on you recruiting and building a solid team of marketers who are going to consistently make sales. If that aspect of the business doesn’t appeal to you, you need to be okay with simply earning 20% commission on the sales you make. 

Hopefully this gives you some insight into the company and my experience. If you have had your own experience with CTFO and you want to share it, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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CTFO: Scam or Legit Work-From-Home Opportunity

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