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I have always been intrigued by the idea behind Secret Shoppers. I worked in retail for many years with many of those years working in management. As a manager in the retail world, you learn to be very aware of Secret Shoppers.

I worked as a Store Supervisor for a local shoe store for several years and I became very good at figuring out which customers were the Secret Shoppers. Now that I am the secret shopper, I try to keep that in mind when I am completing an assignment.

How to Become a Secret Shopper

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For years, I wanted to try becoming a Secret Shopper but it always seemed like I was too busy. Finally, years later I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. It is such an easy way to bring in some extra cash. I try to select the shops that pay for services I already need.

I spent quite a bit of time researching the different companies offering Secret Shopper opportunities out there. Eventually, I found some great, legitimate companies, and I became a Secret Shopper.

What Is A Secret Shopper

I’m sure you all probably know what a secret shopper is, but just in case, I’ve included the definition below.

A Secret Shopper refers to someone who is employed directly, or indirectly by a manufacturer or a retailer to pose as a shopper in order to evaluate the quality of customer service.

Examples of Available Assignments

Keep in mind, these are only examples. Secret Shopper assignments can vary greatly depending on which company you are registered with, where you live and the user profile you have created.

Listed below are a few examples of assignments I have completed over the last couple of days.

  • Jack In The Box. This was a really easy assignment. I was tasked with a quick trip through the drive-thru. First, I was required to take a photo of the outside area, looking at cleanliness. Then I was required to order a cheeseburger, fries and a drink (water is an acceptable drink and that is what I chose). After my transaction was complete, I uploaded the picture I took of the drive-thru area and a picture of my receipt. I answered a couple of yes or no questions and that was it. For this assignment I was not reimbursed for the meal (which is why I stuck with a free water for the drink), instead the assignment paid a flat $20. After accounting for my food, I made an extra $15 in about 4 minutes.

  • The next assignment I completed was at a local Jiffy Lube. Remember you get to pick and choose the tasks that are right for you. This one just happened to be perfect for me. It allowed me to get an oil change done for free and I really needed it. It was perfect timing. For this assignment I was required to print off a coupon for an oil change at my local Jiffy Lube. I took the coupon to the Jiffy Lube and requested an oil change. After the oil change was complete, I uploaded a picture of the coupon that I had used as well as my receipt. I answered a couple questions regarding the service, and my assignment was complete. This assignment did not pay as much as the Jack in the Box job HOWEVER it reimbursed me for my oil change. This task took me about a half an hour and I ended up with a free oil change and $12. Not too bad

  • The third assignment I completed was at Papa Johns. I ordered the pizza of my choice and I had it delivered. For the assignment, I was asked a few questions about my experience placing the order, I was required to upload a picture of the pizza once it was delivered and lastly I answered a few basic follow-up questions. For this assignment I was reimbursed the cost of the pizza as well as $2 to cover a tip for the delivery driver. In addition I was paid $8 for my time.

As you can tell from my examples above, I didn’t get rich off these few Secret Shopper assignments but I also spent very little time doing it. All together I spent less than hour on all the assignments combined. I ended up with a free lunch for myself, a free oil change and a free pizza for my kids plus $35.

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Mystery Shopping Companies Always Hiring

There are a TON of companies offering Secret Shopper job assignments. I will include info below on my top 3 picks. As I mentioned above, becoming a Secret Shopper isn’t going to make you rich but it can help you bring in some extra cash and you can use it to get some of your everyday needs met for free. Learn how to make a full-time income working from home here.

Payment time frames vary with each company. This can also vary depending on the company requesting the secret shop. Payments are made via direct deposit or PayPal and you can get setup in just a few minutes. They all offer a wide variety of assignments and I work with all three of these companies on a regular basis.

BestMark – This is my favorite out of my top 3 companies to perform secret shops for. I find the most relevant shops for me in my area and they always have a ton to choose from. If you would like to become a Secret Shopper with BestMark, you can sign up by clicking HERE.

KSS International – Get started with KSS International HERE.

Intelli Shop – Get started with Intelli Shop HERE.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good idea to sign up for a free membership with MSPA, which stands for Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

The MSPA provides additional training on how to be the best mystery shopper you can be. This step is NOT required. It will however, scores you some extra points with the agencies hiring Mystery Shoppers and help you get additional jobs that are only available to MSPA members.

If you would like to join MSPA you can do so HERE.

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Become A Secret Shopper

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